Seamlessly cache, optimize and govern your market data, with no modifications to your downstream systems.

Take Total Control Of Reference Data Spend

Eliminate redundant requests. Compare vendors based on cost and quality of data. Optimize routing and execution rules. Reduce Costs. Automatically & seamlessly.

Maximize Cached Data and Bulk Data Utilization

References cached data to avoid redundant requests. Consolidates Back Office files into a query-able pool. Reconcile results into a single response.

Streamlined Access Control and Approvals

Empower your data governance with configurable approval logic. Set criteria based on factors such as cost thresholds, specific users or groups, or specific properties of the request.

Investigate alternative vendors seamlessly.

Unlock the power of data quality comparisons across vendors with Submarine's pre-mapped cross-vendor fields and comparison tools. Seamlessly reroute requests to alternate sources with transformations.

No downstream system changes needed.

Experience flawless integration with Submarine as it effortlessly emulates various data request protocols and response formats from every vendor. Submarine ensures a seamless transition by presenting familiar interfaces to existing systems.

Security, Availability and Compliance

Installed Locally In Your Environment

Submarine is installed locally, in your cloud environment.

Submarine is fully compatible with Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, or your proprietary on-premises hardware.

High Availability And Auto Scaling

Submarine is built for resiliency and low latency.

Redundant, multi-node operation for 99.99% uptime, guaranteed.

SOC2 Compliant

Submarine is designed for security and compliance.

We are independently audited to ensure compliance with security certifications.

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