Monitor, analyze and report on market data expenses, with typical cost reductions of 25%

How it works

Visualize Your Market Data Insights

Periscope groups similar requests and identifies usage patterns, simplifying interpretation of live and end-of-month Market data.

Your team gains clear visuals, actionable events, and enhanced informed decision-making based on solid data insights

Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts

Avoid end-of-month billing surprises by actively monitoring your live requests, offering real-time alerts and visualizations of your daily spend.

Periscope promptly alerts you when anything deviates from the norm, ensuring you stay informed and in control of your data usage.

Discover and Track Cost Reduction Opportunities

Periscope helps your team develop effective cost-reduction strategies. Monthly reports help monitor implementation to ensure cost savings are achieved.

Monthly Data Analyst Review and Reports

Every month, our Market data specialist will help your team identify new opportunities and track changes in usage patterns.

In addition to monthly review, our analysts are available to answer questions and support ad-hoc queries, all standard with Periscope.

Connect directly to the Periscope Database

Periscope provides direct database connection for seamless integration with BI tools and data lakes, enabling customers to unlock valuable insights and streamline operations.

Begin in 24 hours, No IT Set Up

Our cloud-based solution Periscope provides you with
key insights into your company’s data usage with just
your invoices and verificaitons reports to begin


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